Updating my big delta 3d printer

In these period I’m really busy to prepare a lot of pieces to bring to a craft market in a country near the place where I leave.

So I decided to use the spare time between a printing (or an engraving with my cnc) to update my bigger delta printer.

That printer had 2 big waek point:

  • It does not use all the profile length. I missed somenthing like 15-20cm of printing height.
  • I don’t like black neoprene belt for big delta printer.

For the second point i switched to white polyurethane gt2 belt. 6mm wide. They are stiffer than the neoprene black belt. And I love them. I’m currentply use 15mm HTD 3M Polyurethane belt for my CNC, and they are amazing.

white gt2 belt
white gt2 belt

For the first poin I have moved the cealing of the printer as high as I could.

big_delta_update 01big_delta_update 02

Now I have about 53-54 cm between the nozzle and the glass bed 🙂

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