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Anycubic delta kossel xl: repairing and onest review

The delta kossel that I have to repair

A friend of my ask me if I could repair his anycubic delta kossel xl. It’s not an expensive delta kossel. It was a 180$ kit. One of the chepest one I think. I never had the chances to work on a kit like this… I always build my printer by myself. But I said …

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Updating my big delta 3d printer

big_delta_update 01

In these period I’m really busy to prepare a lot of pieces to bring to a craft market in a country near the place where I leave. So I decided to use the spare time between a printing (or an engraving with my cnc) to update my bigger delta printer. That printer had 2 big …

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Bigger CNC is now opertive

Stark Sigil

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Bigger CNC timelapse assembly

Bigger CNC Project so far WIP

my first version... an OX like CNC

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DIY shield for a weight scale arduino: BilancIno

old wiring... a pain in the ass... a completely mess

One of my old job was a BilancIno. A weight scale made with Arduino. My parents need a junck-cheap weight scale. We have already bought a couple of really china weight scale… but the board of the weight scale keep to blow up… So I replace the old dead board with an arduino. The circuit …

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cnc etching pcb

PCB test for an arduino shield. Made by CNC

i have just ordered some single side pcb copper and they will arrive tomorrow But in the mean while I want to do some more test before do the final job on the pcb board. I have some spare melamine chipboard at home. The melamine will be quite good to do some test. Better than …

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Carriage test for new wheel for future project

Orange wheel test 1

Test for a new carriage. I’ll goingo to use these new orange wheels for my new project (to rework my big delta maybe and for my bigger cnc)   work in progress. So many things to test

CNC g-slot belt drive milling cutting alluminum

3mm 2 flute carbide endmill

Yesterday I recived a little package from banggood with some endmill for my mini cnc I bought some one flute end mill and some 2 flue end mill. I test the one flute end mill with wood and they work nice. Against aluminium they work really bad… maybe it’s my machine fault… but the 3mm …

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CNC Halftone picture going on

Nuova V-bit da 60° from china con furore

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