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(Italiano) Stampando una maschera: teschio di toro

bull skull 3d mask 3d model

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How to tune the size of printed parts on a Kossel delta 3D printer

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

How to calibrate a delta 3d printer

Updating my big delta 3d printer AGAIN

In questo periodo ho sempre meno tempo di scrivere qualcosa qua sul blog, ma non pensate che me ne stia fermo a fare nulla. Anzi sono sempre in fermento. Prima di tutto vi chiedo un aiutino Mettete un like alla mia pagina facebook se potete 🙂 Forse chi mi segue o chi ha letto gli …

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TL-smoother DIY style

There was a project that I wanted to try and finish and with my big CNC now operative THIS IS THE TIME! But let’s start from the beginning

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Prusa i3 still improving

(Italiano) Migliorare qualitĂ  stampa prusa i3 configurando slicer

Anycubic delta kossel xl: repairing and onest review

A friend of my ask me if I could repair his anycubic delta kossel xl. It’s not an expensive delta kossel. It was a 180$ kit. One of the chepest one I think. I never had the chances to work on a kit like this… I always build my printer by myself. But I said …

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Updating my big delta 3d printer

In these period I’m really busy to prepare a lot of pieces to bring to a craft market in a country near the place where I leave. So I decided to use the spare time between a printing (or an engraving with my cnc) to update my bigger delta printer. That printer had 2 big …

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Bigger CNC timelapse assembly

Bigger CNC Project so far WIP

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

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