RepRap Prusa i3 #6: Connect the z-axis motor

[notice]This is an old and deprecated post. This printer is not use anymore. It’s better if you build a prusa i3 single frame[/notice]

I was thinking “How can I connect the z-motors to the M5 threaded rods?”

On the reprapsource’s guide they use a small plastic tube… but I don’t like that solution… I prefer metal stuff (lol thats true in my music taste too :D)

I’m lookin to a simple and cheap metal connector… but where can I find it?

I have to thanks my dad! He found a (temporary) solution for me, at last until I’ll find something more efficent 🙂

My dad told to check if the inner metal part of the strip connector could work as motor-rod connettor.

Well… apparently he could!

Morsetto per collegamenti elettrici

Morsetto per collegamenti elettrici

Once you remove all the plastic you get a little metal pipe with 2 screw 😀

Morsetto a nudo, dopo aver tolto tutta la plastica

The inner diameter is a little bit to lager that the rod diamter… but for know I think is ok!

Morsetti collegati alle barre filettate

Morsetto collegato all’albero del motorino passo passo

Update 18/02/2013: the head of the screw are to big… they are going to hit the smooth rod while the motor is spinning… I have change them and now I’m using 2 head less bolt for each side.

For the moment this is a “working solution” :\

Not an elagant and clean one… but still working…

Grani M4x5 utilizzati per fissare il motore dell’asse Z alla barra filettata M5

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  1. […] L’altro giorno, assieme al multimetro, ho trovato nel reparto… per le serrature delle porte credo, dei morsetti circolari, con foro centrale da 4,5mm e 4 fori (2 coppie di fori opposti) laterali di diametro 5mm. Questi morsetti li ho usati per modificare l’attacco dell’asse Z, sostituendo i vecchi morsetti elettrici di cui avevo parlato in questo vecchio articolo. […]

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