(Italiano) RepRap Prusa i3 #5: asse x e carrello

[notice]This is an old and deprecate post. This printer is not use anymore. It’s better if you build a prusa i3 single frame[/notice]

I have successfully assembleded the x-axis of the printer 😀

Risultato del montaggio dell’asse x

I have used these pieces 😀



Like I said in the previus post I have cleaned the holes of the pieces using a spindle and the realtive drill bits (3mm drill bit to clean a 3mm hole, etc).

Foro otturato e da ripassare

foro pulito e ripassato

At first I have assembled the belt idler…

Elementi necessari per il montaggio del cuscinetto radiale sull’x-end (la vite è una M8)

Montaggio completato

but the I have disassembled it because it was in the way to put the smooth rods -.-

When you put the linear beaering check that thery are alligned! Try the sliding a smooth rod in the and feel if there is some resistance.

Cuscinetti LM8UU montati negli x-end

In the carriage to!

Cuscinetti montati anche nel carrello.
Ora c’è da inserire le barre rettificate.

The final result is the following.

Risultato del montaggio dell’asse x

I chose to orientate the lienar bearing on the front.

And the carriage has 2 bearing on the upside rod. This is my choise. You can chose the one you want. That wont affect the final result that much 🙂

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