Prusa i3 cyclops hotend files

In this article you will find the files I have created and / or modified for the prusa i3 with double extruder and cyclops hotend.

Prusa i3 cyclops hotend

Prusa i3 cyclops hotend

At this link you find an archive with all the files, including marlin 1.1 configured for my i3

I’ve created anchoring blocks for wings extruders. The extruders used are greg wade modified and lowered

The carriage, the probe holder, the rear fan duct are partially created, partially modified and adapted by various files taken by thingiverse.

In the archive there are also the files needed to edit cure 2.3.1 and to be able to create a double extruder printer.

From the directory “CURA 2.3 dual i3 file” you have to copy the file  i3_first_ex.def.json and i3_second_ex.def.json  and paste them into the Cura installation directory, in the sub folder resources\extruders. My full path was

C:\Program Files\Cura 2.3\resources\extruders

You have to copy dual_prusa_i3.def.json  and paste into resources\definitions. My full path was

C:\Program Files\Cura 2.3\resources\definitions

After that you can import the curaprofile from the archive. If everything is ok the profile will be imported correctly. The profile I have created was to use PLA for the first extruder/material and HIPS for the second extruder/material.
The hotend temperature is 210°, while the bed temperature was 65°. FOR BOTH OF THE MATERIAL. Be aware of the different retracion settings. I know there is some retracion issue. But I think is caused by the strange parameter and by the difference between the 2 filament. So you have to tune it for your need.

Hope you can find it usefull.

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