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In this period I’m dedicating too much learning and development of video games.
Are still at an early stage we say.
I focused on Unity. I know that for some it is not the best choice as regards the development IDE for video games. But I got approached to work. And I intend to continue in this direction.
Right now they are looking for sites that allow me to have the assets to develop some prototypes of video games.
Of course, beyond the classic Assest Store Unity, however, I need more material.
In this post I’ll try to compile and maintain a list of sites where you can download assets to create video games.
A site with different packages for the development of video games, you go from sprites to 3D models
It contains hundreds of items. Free all I want. Even if they go under different license. From the CC0 to other more restrictive. But all that can be downloaded from this site should be free.
From this site you can download (even if a fee) a large number of assets. There are packages for a total of about 20,000 (20K) elements. Sprites from 3D models to music files.
This site gives us the opportunity to create a beautiful char set with a multitude of parameters. Very nice.

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